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Action Spine and Joint

  • 6410 Charlotte Pike
  • Nashville TN 37209
  • Phone: (615) 356-4656


My Interest in Chiropractic Care

Straight out of high school I obtained my X-ray Tech Certification through the Air Force because it was my goal to go into a pre-med field. However, I simply was not quite sure what that consisted of. I began working for a couple of orthopedic surgeons in Selma, Ala (where I am from) as I put myself through undergrad. I then went on to work at the ER dept in Opelika, Alabama while attending Auburn University.

My Own Health Observations in Hospitals

With the exception of the obvious trauma cases I encountered on a daily basis, I noticed that the sick people just kept getting sicker and the hospital/clinical environment I was working in was not conducive to what I considered “True Health care” but more of a perpetual disease care model. I decided after further research that I wanted to be involved with a discipline within health care that was more congruent with my pursuit of being an entrepreneur and a non-drug approach to health restoration. This path invariably took me to investigate the profession of Chiropractic where I discovered a path that led me to where I am today. I knew the first day of school I had chosen correctly and I have never looked back. It continues to be a great experience and I am grateful to have found my true calling in life.


  • May 1986 – High school graduate Morgan Academy, Selma Ala; December 1986: Received certification through the United States Air Force as a Radiology Technician.
  • March 1987 – August 1987: Attended George C. Wallace Community College, Selma, Alabama.
  • September 1987 – September 1988: Attended Auburn University, Pre-med.
  • October 1988 – July 1989: Attended Alexander City Junior College, Alexander City, Alabama, continuing pre-med courses.
  • October 1993 – Received Bachelor of Science degree from Palmer University, Davenport, Iowa.
  • October 1989 – October 1993: Received Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer University, Davenport, Iowa.
  • February 1994: Received Doctor of Chiropractic license in Alabama.
  • November 1993: Received Doctor of Chiropractic license in Tennessee.


September 1993 – Obtained Certification of Proficiency in Interpretation of X-rays of Spinal and Musculo-skeletal disorders, Erhardt X-ray graduate course, Palmer University (100-hour course).

July 1993 – Received Certification in the Practical Examination and the Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Prevention of Sports Injuries, Mally Enterprises, Davenport, Iowa.

September 1995 – Received Master’s Certification in the Performance of AMA Permanent Medical Impairment Examination and Credible Medical Fact Finding course given by Medical Legal Consultants Association, Dr. Frank Liberti, Clearwater, Florida.

October 1995 – Received Master’s Certification in the Diagnosis and Clinical Management of Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Trauma and Whiplash-Related Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

November 1997 – Received Certification as an injury prevention consultant through Future Industrial Technologies (BackSafe), Santa Barbara, California.

May 1999 – Certification for Accident/Collision Reconstruction and associated Biomechanics of MVA Trauma, Texas A&M University: Law Enforcement & Security Training Division.

June 2003 – Certification in Cox Technic Cervical-Lumbar Flexion\Distraction; National Health University of Sciences

June 2007 – Diagnostic Imaging & Testing Interpretation and Protocols, MRI protocol and interpretation, CAT scan protocols and interpretation, x-ray trauma series protocols and interpretation, bone scan protocols and interpretation, EMG/NCV protocols and utilization and International Classification of Disease trauma coding, CMCS Management Post-Doctoral Education Division, New York Chiropractic Council, New York 2007

June 2008 – State of TN Dept of Labor – (MIR) Medical Impairment Registry: Impairment Evaluation Seminar – AMA guides 6th Edition. Dr. David Gaw et al.

June 2012 – Whiplash Biomechanics and Brain Injury Traumatology pro-gram, Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Renewal of Masters Certification program.

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  • 2001 – Present: Membership American Chiropractic Association
  • 1994 – Present: Membership of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association
  • 1995 – Present: Member and Contributor to the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research


  • 22 years of full-time clinical practice, at Action Chiropractic, 6410 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Managed and treated over 10,000 Spinal Trauma cases.
  • Chiropractic charity work at the Nashville Rescue Mission.
  • Lectured and Conducted Seminars on Injury Prevention
  • Voted Best Chiropractor in Nashville; 2006 Nashville Scene Reader’s poll
  • Voted Best Chiropractor in Nashville; 2008 Tennessean Toast of Music City
  • Published Author “The Chiropractic Way To Health” – August 2008
  • Published Author of “For Better, or For Worse” in Belle Meade Living Magazine in March 2013.
  • Voted Top Chiropractor in Nashville 2006 – 2016; Nashville Scene “Best of” and “Toast of Music City” in The Tennessean
  • Only Doctors office in Nashville to ever receive “Services Select Recipient Award” for 2010 – 2012
  • “Talk of the Town” best of Nashville award for 2010 – 2015
  • Published Author of  “Getting You Back Into Action” December 2014
  • Worker’s Compensation Doctor for several Large and Mid-size companies in Mid TN
  • Voted Best Chiropractic office in Nashville 2018 – Nashville Scene