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Meet Dr. Liang

I am easy and pleasant to work with. I am also efficient at managing ICUs and fast turn-over surgical centers, evident by the fact I have been working at the busiest centers in the region. I have a good knowledge base: scored 99 percentile on the anesthesia board, and went to Dartmouth for an ICU fellowship. I have good procedural skills: my spinal needle to CSF is in seconds, and epidural & nerve blocks can be consistently done in 15 minutes with proper sterile technique. I am very comfortable with most anesthesia and ICU procedures. Outside of clinician skills, I have a strong background in math and computer science, and won multiple math competitions when I was in school. I have a genuine passion for these fields. In my spare time when working as an anesthesiologist, I coded a billing app completely by myself. I am always looking for new challenges/opportunities in bioinformatics.