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Yen Chiropractic LLC

  • 3231 N. Decatur Blvd, Ste #116
  • Las Vegas, NV 89130
  • Phone: (702) 685-8776

Meet Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel Yen was born in Pasadena, California. During his youth, he grew up in Chinatown, became a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers in 1988, and was an active member of First Chinese Baptist Church. He attended Downtown Business Magnet High School where he had the opportunity to be a student intern at Bank of America in the loss claims department. The job entailed mostly filing photocopies of checks, where the most interesting case was finding out someone was stealing money from one business by writing checks to multiple businesses with similar names. He later attended Santa Monica College for his first two years of undergrad where he studied stage acting and developed an appreciation for Jazz music. After SMC, he transferred to San Francisco State University where he studied Drama, learning every process that would go into a stage production, and Asian American Studies, covering the experience of early Asian immigrants in America as well as learning about social activism from a member of the San Francisco City Council, and about ballot propositions from a Sacramento state lobbyist. While attending SFSU, he worked in Audio/Visual Information Television, helping to set up LCD projectors and cable casting for classroom presentations. Dr. Yen would later become exposed to chiropractic care after graduating from SFSU and was introduced to Life Chiropractic College West by his first chiropractor who was focused on spinal wellness care, emphasizing Diversified, Gonstead, Extremity Adjusting, and massage therapy techniques. Pursuing more knowledge in the chiropractic field, Dr. Yen would later work as a chiropractic assistant for a sports medicine-based chiropractor who had a workers’ compensation-based practice in Downtown San Francisco. Following his chiropractic education, Dr. Yen was recruited to promote chiropractic as a new healthcare profession in India for two years by a fraternity member of Delta Sigma Chi, a straight chiropractic fraternity. Upon his return to the US, he took a break from practice to work for five years in a non-profit serving adults with developmental disabilities through providing job coaching skills and living assistance. During this time off from the profession, he was able to help his brother Noah with Autism in his own pursuit to gain services from the regional center. When his brother was younger, he fell through the cracks in the education system and wasn’t properly diagnosed. He was turned away from much-needed services for years. Now Noah has a regular job, and his own place to live independently, and is provided continuing services with life skill coaches from vendors contracted through the regional center. At present, Dr. Yen now practices in Las Vegas, and has been a Certified Impairment Rating Specialist since 2013. He also became certified to provide Dry Needling therapy in 2021. He still practices chiropractic wellness care but has transitioned into providing personal injury care since 2014.

Language Skills

Bilingual, fluent in Taishan (Toisan), a dialect from Southern China similar to Cantonese


  • 07/2001-12/2005 Doctor of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College West
  • 09/2000-06/2001 Science Certificate, New College of California
  • 08/1996-06/1999 Bachelor of Arts in Drama, Minor in Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University
  • 02/1994-08/1996 Associates Arts, Santa Monica College

Hobbies and Interests

  • Researching Stocks
  • Home Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Attending K-pop or Jazz concerts
  • Outdoor Shooting or at a gun range
  • Visiting museums of historical significance


The youngest of four siblings in my family, an uncle to two nephews, Elan and Julian. The parents of the two are both teachers, with one recently transitioning into administration for Special Education.