David M. Landry, II, DC

Integrated Medical Center of Corona

  • 1001 N. State St.
  • Hemet, CA 92543
  • Phone: (951) 658-2975

Clinical and Chiropractic Experience

Integrated Medical Center of Corona- Corona, CA (11/14-current) – Office Director: Primary treating chiropractor

  • Treating in multiple locations
  • Opened and manage new office location
  • Writing personal injury and workers compensation reports
  • Outside marketing

The Joint- Redland, CA (09/13-11/14) – Clinic Director: Treating and directing the office

  • Opened a brand new office location
  • Outside weekly marketing
  • Built office to see 200 office visits a week

CQS- Lima, Peru (08/10-07/13) – Chiropractic Director: Treating, directing and growing two different offices

  • Treating Chiropractor, performed 50-100 daily adjustments
  • Hiring and managing staff
  • Organizing outside marketing for office growth

HealthQuest Chiropractic – Chanhassen, MN (08/09 – 12/09) – Associate Chiropractor: Treating and interacting with patients in a family-based environment

  • Treating Chiropractor, performed 30-60 daily adjustments
  • Acted as a marketing manager: set up marketing events and work them
  • Clinic primarily sees infants, kids and pregnant mothers (60%)
  • Involved with Day 1, ROF, progress exams, talks

Dr. Bauer’s Advanced Wellness – San Diego, CA (01/09 – 04/09) – Chiropractic Intern: Treating and interacting with patients

  • Responsible for new patient intake, x-rays, and exams
  • Adjust patients with Gonstead and Diversified technique
  • Work with pregnant women, infants, adults and elderly
  • Performed spinal screens and helped with health talks

HealthQuest Chiropractic – Chanhassen, MN (09/08 – 12/08) – Chiropractic Intern: Treating and interacting with patients in a family-based practice

  • Performed over 100 histories, 25 x-rays and over 100 exams.
  • Adjusted spinal subluxations and extremities using Pettibon and Diversified (250 adjustments) age range 3-65
  • Performed modalities such as MFR and Decompression.
  • Learned Pettibon adjustive protocols and rehab
  • Responsible for obtaining referrals and testimonials

Take Care Chiropractic – Minneapolis, MN (05/08 – 08/08) – Chiropractic Intern: Treating student patients

  • Took histories, x-rays and performed exams.
  • Adjusted spinal subluxations and extremities using Gonstead and Diversified Spinal Screening – Many locations around Twin Cities and SanDiego (04/06 – 12/08)
  • Love educating the public about chiropractic
  • Performed at least 150+ screens with Myovision, CLA, bilateral weight scales, massage, plumb line
  • Have recruited well over 200 new patients.

Fast Track to Success (Student version of Waiting List Practice) (07/06 – 12/08) – Co-President: Lead a team of students to success

Meet a minimum of 4 hours per week to practice the following:

  • Office startup, location, essential team, hiring staff, negotiating leases, and other startup essentials
  • New patient procedures: pre-consultation, consultation, exam and x-rays, ROF, financial conversion for year plans.
  • Ongoing procedures: progress exams, re-exams, wellness conversion, table talk, asking for referrals, appointment book management, objection management, educational props, huddles, telephone procedures,
  • Marketing: Outside talks, spinal screens, marketing calendar, referrals, parlaying, business card challenge
  • Public speaking: I present 2 topics weekly and organize the curriculum
  • Attended conferences: Successful Leadership, Technical skills integrations (2)

Work Experience

HealthQuest Chiropractic and Wellness Center – Chanhassen, MN (08/09-12/09) – Doctor of Chiropractic
Worked as a treating Chiropractor in the office while performing daily adjustments, reports, and examinations.

V.A. Medical Hospital –Loma Linda CA (01/05 – 08/05) – Front desk Clerk
Worked on admitting and discharging patients to and from the hospital. Transferring patients to different hospitals.


  • Northwestern Health Sciences University (1/06 – 04/09) – Bloomington, Minnesota, USA – Doctor of Chiropractic degree
  • California Baptist University (09/01- 05/05) – Riverside, Ca – Bachelor of Science degree- Kinesiology

Memberships and Teams

  • Student American Chiropractic Association, Member (2006 – present)
  • Student Science Academy, Mentor (2007 – 2009)


Advanced Muscle Palpation: Watched Reggie Gold’s assessing and adjusting videos several times, read Dr. Nick Spano’s manual, utilize technique in daily assessments
Applied Kinesiology: Participated in hands-on learning, shadowed 2 doctors, attended AK speakers and seminars

Charrette Extremities: Participated in hands-on learning and attended 3 part seminar from Dr. Charrette

Chiropractic Biophysics: Participated in hands-on learning, read 2002 book on cervical rehab, watched videos on adjusting protocol, and have shadowed multiple doctors who practice the style. Attended club weekly and have also attended 2 seminars on adjusting protocol.

Gonstead: Participated in hands-on learning, watched over 20 hours of Gonstead videos, attended several weekend seminars, attend club weekly for 2 hours since Jan 2006.

Motion Palpation: Participated in hands-on learning, extremities seminars.

Pediatric: Attended 2 anti-vaccine talks, 4 seminars of adjusting infants and toddlers

Pettibon: Familiar with adjustive procedures and rehabilitation exercises, have watched the Pettibon system and Pettibon rehab videos.



  • Listen to 30 minutes/day of audios
  • Read technique books
  • Read various publications
  • Read Chiropractic philosophy


Working out (4-6 days weekly)



Reading (chiropractic, business, personal development)