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A mother and daughter were injured as a direct result of a motor vehicle collision April 2016.  Their small sedan was rear ended by a large pickup truck.  The small sedan suffered extensive rear-end damage and deemed a total loss.  She and her daughter were evaluated by their primary care physician and given pain medications.  Mother and daughter continued to suffer from unrelenting neck pain and headache pain.  Six days following this total loss rear end collision, the mother was contacted by an insurance adjuster who represented the third party who had totaled her small sedan.  This claims adjuster realized that the mother was not able to speak English well (native of Poland).  This claims adjuster arranged a follow-up call with a Polish translator on a conference call several days later.

Several days later, this insurance adjuster with Polish translator called her back.  There was a brief conversation about the collision that had occurred and the injuries she and her daughter had sustained.  This insurance adjuster asked the translator to let the mother know that she would only need 2 doctor’s visits and offered her $600.00 to settle her and her daughter’s medical/general damage claims.  She was taken aback and a bit confused at this conversation she had with this claims adjuster through the Polish translator.  She did not feel comfortable with the discussion of financial settlement offers as both she and her daughter were in much pain.  They were referred to me through family friends and they drove 40 miles to consult with me.  MRI studies of the cervical spine were recommended by me and several herniated discs were present.  With the absence of prior accidents and/or prior injuries I determined that these herniated discs occurred as a direct result of the recent motor vehicle collision they were both a victim of.

I was able to provide several months of conservative care to help them with their pain levels and at the appropriate time referred them both to a pain intervention physician who provided more invasive treatments to help further reduce their unresolved pain levels.  Both mother and daughter were thankful that they were able to receive the appropriate medical care that they needed.  In addition, they were able to find a well-qualified attorney to help them through the process of settling for an appropriate amount based on their well-documented injuries.