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Inland Empire Spine & Injury

Meet Dr. Cornejo

I specialize in advanced personal injury case management, standing out in my field. Attorneys can trust that as the primary Doctor, I understand the importance of proper case management. Car accident injuries can cause lasting damage to soft tissues, necessitating early diagnostic imaging and the co-management of patients due to persistent symptoms that may not fully respond to Chiropractic alone. This approach ensures patients receive the most effective care with input from various specialties.

Setting myself apart, I emphasize transparent billing, concise notes, and swift patient record delivery within one to two weeks (at times sooner) post-care. I recognize that while a patient will require a specific amount of treatment, accessing that care may be hindered due to insurance or policy restrictions.

As a Hispanic, my unique perspective enables me to connect more intimately with the Latino community. Being bilingual helps bridge potential language barriers, allowing me to educate and communicate effectively with diverse patients, fostering a more profound sense of trust and understanding in their care.

I graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1999 at 29. With over 24 years of experience treating injuries from motor vehicle accidents and chronic conditions, Cornejo Chiropractic has been Rialto’s Top choice auto-injury clinic since June 2007.