Stewart Edrich, DC

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Meet Dr. Edrich

In my practice, I try to use non-force techniques whenever possible.

Low Force techniques employ the use of pressure points and light thumb thrusts on the spine, acupuncture, and reflexology points. I also use an instrument called an “Activator” where you don’t hear the typical popping sound that may associate with adjustments.

This may appeal to you or maybe you like the more traditional methods. It’s a preference, and what matters is what works for you. Some people really respond well to, or simply like, low-force techniques.

A Little More About Me, and How I Practice

  • I am very good for people who like the idea of chiropractic but are a little apprehensive.
  • I have some very innovative devices that reduce pain very quickly.
  • For my non-car accident patients, I also practice what is called “functional medicine” or what may be called a “holistic method” or Applied Kinesiology.

I see people with many different health conditions, such as digestive problems, low energy, and hormonal imbalance. I’m well versed in finding reasons for pain that may not be coming directly from the spine. For these problems, I use herbs and supplements and diet modification.

More About Our Office

  • This is not a high-volume office. I take my time.
  • I only schedule 2 people in an hour.
  • I’ve been in practice since 1992.
  • I am very good at getting people out of pain quickly.

Please read my Yelp and Google reviews then call my cell phone at (562) 884-6101. We can talk about your situation then we can decide if we are a good match.

Los Alamitos is close to: Long Beach, Seal Beach, Cypress and Buena Park. Lakewood, Cerritos, and Westminster.

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